• Part Number: HYD-BPT19
  • Price: £ 98.95 + VAT
  • Manufacturer: Not Mention
  • 7 plate clutch conv. This conversion consists of 7 new plates with smaller friction area plus one new plain plate. Compared with standard it reduces problems of sticking, slipping, swelling, dragging and heavy operation provided the other components are in good condition. Use with your existing 6 plain plates 
    Please ensure the plain plates are flat and not warped.

    Customer comment .Fitted the new 7 plate clutch kit on Tuesday, took the bike out for a run in the sun this morning. Together with the T120 clutch springs, they have transformed the way the bike rides. The clutch is much lighter, gear changes are slick and easy, and I can select neutral while stationary. Great product, many thanks, would highly recommend it to anyone.