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LP Williams statement - Fraudulent Emails

We are sorry to report that some personal data held for the purposes of making our web site easier to use has been stolen.

What We Know

Fraudsters have stolen the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of a number of customers from our database.

This information has been used to send fraudulent phishing emails to the affected customers requesting that the recipient click through to an overseas web site. Two emails have been sent so far but it is possible that more emails may be sent using the data that has already been stolen.

On that web site card details are requested. Should they be handed over, the scammers will then be able to use these details to commit fraud. If you have handed over card details you should speak to your card issuer immediately.

What We Have Done About It

Reported the theft to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) - https://ico.org.uk

and also to the police department specialising in cyber crime - Police Action Fraud

We have also attempted to get the web sites hosting the fraudulent pages taken down. We have temporarily taken our website down to prevent any more potential activity by criminals. Our new website will be launched in due course.


Please be assured that our web site does not store or process any card payment information. Card payments through our web site are securely managed by industry leader Sagepay and your card details are never stored on our web site.

Dealing with this breach has been our top priority and we thank our valued customers for your understanding and support, it has been much appreciated.

LP Williams